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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Bookkeeping Skills Training Program


Delivered part-time, you can complete this training locally in six months.

Course Descriptions

Business Math and Calculators • XBKP 0010

In this 20-hour course, you will review basic math skills specifically related to business documents and activities and develop operating techniques and skills in the use of electronic printing calculators. The course emphasizes business problem solving. Highly recommended as a pre-requisite to Bookkeeping Level 1.

Accounting 1 • XBKP 0600

Students are introduced to manual accounting, with an emphasis on fundamental accounting principles and their application in day-to-day business situations. This course is based on a service business organized as a sole proprietorship. Students practice basic bookkeeping and accounting skills including double-entry general journal entries, posting to the general ledger, preparing a trial balance, recording adjustments in a ten-column worksheet, producing period-end financial statements, closing the temporary accounts, maintaining petty cash and preparing bank reconciliations.

Prerequisite: Business Math and Calculators highly recommended.

Accounting 2 • XBKP 0610/ABTS 1440

Students are exposed to common accounting systems including sales, purchases, federal and provincial taxes, merchandise inventory, payroll and annual reporting of remittances. They also introduced to subsidiary ledgers, specialized journals, combined journals, year-end procedures and worksheets. Financial statements are prepared in detail, including a classified balance sheet and an income statement for a merchandising business.

Prerequisites: ABTS 1430

Minute Taking • XWRK 0950

This course prepares you for meetings at which you have to act as the minute taker. Now you can eliminate most, if not all difficulties while recording accurate minutes. Topics covered include roles and responsibilities of the minute taker and the chair, preparation of formal minutes, preparation of semi-formal minutes and recording action items.

Meeting Procedures • XWRK 0420

Explore meeting procedures and look at parliamentary procedures as outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order.

Business English • XWRK 0080/ABTS 1300

Students focus on the correct English usage in a business environment and are provided a comprehensive review of grammar, punctuation and style, as well as business spelling and vocabulary development. The course materials are presented in small, easily manageable learning segments.

Computerized Accounting • YMCR 5150/ABTS 1410

This course is intended to teach the fundamental features and concepts of the Simply Accounting software program. Students are able to design, establish and manage an accounting system for a small business. This is a very intense, production-oriented course; students must be prepared to devote extra time outside the regularly scheduled lesson and laboratory work to get the most out of the course and to complete all course requirements to acceptable standards. This course is not intended to teach accounting principles.

Prerequisites: YMCR 5030 or computer file management knowledge; basic bookkeeping skills.

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