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The 100 Mile House campus is located in the historic Cariboo region, and is a Training and Education Centre satellite extension run under the auspices of the main campus in Kamloops. The 100 Mile House campus is located at #1-808 Birch Avenue, 100 Mile House and offers continuing students courses as well as customized training for groups. We currently offer First Aid, Foodsafe, bookkeeping and various computer courses.

100 Mile House, as a way-stop on the gold trail from Lillooet to the gold fields, was founded in 1865, but did not make its mark until the middle of the 20th century. Today, 100 Mile House is the centre of a trading area of approximately 22,000 persons. Major communities include the 108 Ranch development, Forest Grove, Lone Butte, Bridge Lake, Deka Lake, Sulphurous Lake, Canim Lake, 70 Mile House, Sheridan Lake , Lac La Hache, and the areas surrounding Horse Lake.



XFOR 0980 – Basic Fire Suppression S100

The S-100/185 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety course is comprised of key learning objectives from the S-130 Fundamentals of Fire Fighting, S-190 Safety and Fire Behaviour, and the S-232 Portable Pumps and Water Delivery Systems Courses. The course also includes the S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance & Safety. Upon successful completion of the course, students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of wildfire incident command structure, wildfire behaviour, wildfire safety and wildfire suppression.

The S-100/185, originally developed in 1995 for Emergency Fire Fighters, is utilized to train firefighters, as well as industry and forestry workers. The Wildfire Act and Wildfire Regulation, define the legal responsibilities and obligations to which everyone in B.C. is subject to. This includes the responsibilities and obligations for forestry and other related industries to respond to wildfires that starts at, or within a defined proximity of, the site of the industrial activity. The WorkSafe Regulation 26.3.1 (2) requires that anyone fighting wildfires are to be trained and annually recertified.

The S-100/185 is a two-day, 16hr course with both a classroom and field component. There will be a written and a practical exam component for certification. Students will be required to achieve 70% on both exams to pass. Students will be provided an PDF copy of the S-100 Manual. A full list of supplies required for the field/practical component will be emailed to the students prior to the course.

Prerequisite: 16 years of age

Note: This is for initial certification. For those requiring re-certification should register for the S-100A.

April 26 - 27, 2021

Course Duration: 16 classroom and practical learning hours

Course Fee: $325

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