PHYS 0600 Introduction to Physics 2 (5,0,2)(L)

Credits: 4 credits
Delivery: Campus

ABE - Provincial: This course is an indepth study of the principles of scientific measurement, vectors, two-dimensional kinematics and dynamics, electrostatics, electromagnetism, vibrations and waves and optics. Physics 0600 is a Provincial level (grade 12 equivalency) physics course. It will prepare students for university, trades and technology programs which require Physics 12 as a prerequisite. The course is primarily theoretical and places an emphasis on the mathematical analysis of physical phenomena and the development of problem solving and experimental skills.
Prerequisite: PHYS 0500 or Physics 11 and MATH 0510 or Foundations of Mathematics 11
Note: Students cannot receive credit for both PHYS 0600 and PHYS 0601
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