ENGL 0401 Reading and Writing English

Delivery: Distance

This course is designed to develop skills as a writer by practicing the stages of writing from rough draft, grammar and sentence structure, revising the draft, editing, and final draft. The course covers both narrative and expository writing, with an emphasis on the expository form for both academic and business purposes. (Grade 10 equivalency). Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for the course, but it is recommended that you successfully complete Grade 8 English or equivalent before beginning this course. Placement can be made on the basis of an English Assessment. Students should obtain an English Language and Writing Assessment form and have their skills assessed to make sure they start with the course best-suited to their needs. The form is available on the TRU-OL website and from Students Services.
Note: Students cannot get credit for more than one of ENGL 0400, ENGL 0401.
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