BIOL 0601 Provincial Biology

Delivery: Distance

This provincial-level course in human biology is equivalent to Grade 12 biology and one of the optional science courses that may be used to meet the requirements of the Adult Secondary Graduation Diploma awarded by the Ministries of Education and Advanced Education. Topics include cell biology, photosynthesis and cellular respiration, human anatomy and physiology, and genetics. The course imparts an understanding and appreciation for the way scientific knowledge is obtained and organized, so that students can apply these methods to everyday life. This course is concerned primarily with human biology (reproduction, circulation, the heart, immunity, the nervous system, genetics, etc...), although there are several textbook chapters concerned with biological topics such as diffusion, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell division, evolution and ecology. Prerequisites: Science 10 or equivalent. Recommended: English reading skills at a Grade 11 level, BIOL 0501.
Note: Students cannot get credit for more than one of BIOL 0600, BIOL 0601
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