MATH 0410 Algebra 1 (6,0,0)

Credits: 4 credits
Delivery: Campus

Adult Basic Education - Intermediate: Students prepare for entry into Math 0510 or Math 0520, by reviewing basic math skills, graphing linear equations, performing operations with polynomials, handling inequalities, solving first and second degree equations and systems of two equations, and simplifying and solving rational and radical expressions and equations. Students are also introduced to right-triangle trigonometry. Together with MATH 0400: Basic Math Skills, this course fulfills the Adult Basic Education-Intermediate requirements.
Prerequisite: Minimum C+ standing in Math 0400, or placement on the TRU entry assessment test at a MATH 0410 level
Note: The prerequisite must have been attained within the last two years. This course is taught by the University and Employment Preparation Department. Students cannot receive credit for both MATH 0500 and MATH 0410
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