CHEM 0600 Foundations of Chemistry 2 (5,0,2)(L)

Credits: 4 credits
Delivery: Campus

ABE - Provincial: A pre-university level course for students requiring a more in-depth introduction to chemistry than provided by CHEM 0500 or Chemistry 11. The course is an acceptable prerequisite for CHEM 111. Topics covered will be similar to those dealt with in Chemistry 12 and will include gas laws, reaction kinetics, chemical equilibrium, solubility of ionic substances, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction and organic Chemistry. The laboratory exercises will illustrate and reinforce topics covered in the lectures.
Prerequisite: Chemistry 11 or CHEM 0500
Corequisite: Principles of Math 12, or MATH 0600 or equivalent, is strongly recommended
Note: This course is taught by the University Preparation Department Required Lab: CHEM 0600L
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