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Student Investment Fund

The Thompson Rivers University Student Investment Fund was brought to life by co-founders Adam Burke and Jacob Lawrence, who shared a vision of bringing more tangibility to their degrees.

In fall 2019, TRUSIF was born and has continued to grow through countless evolutions.

TRUSIF is motivated by a hard working team of students managing a long-only equity and ETF-focused fund with $100,000 in assets under management.

Our fund’s purpose is to create student scholarships with our excess returns while fostering a real-world experience for students interested in capital markets and wealth management careers.

TRUSIF embodies a team that works to support and challenge one another in order to reach our full potential, make a difference in our community, and achieve mutual success.




Raymond James CFA Societies Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics



Fall 2019
Pitch TRUSIF to the advisory committee on investments, where a commitment of $100,000 was made even though we only asked for $50,000.
Gained backing from the CFA society.
Winter 2020
Officially received funding from TRU in April 2020.
Redesigned our hiring and investing protocols.
Fall 2020
Started designing our first formal round of research.
Winter 2021
Purchased our first round of equities.
Learned about the Raymond James donation.
Fall 2021
Continued to populate our portfolio.
Redesigned and refined more processes.
Fall 2022
Received and unveiled the Raymond James $550,000 donation.
Opened the TRUSIF trading floor.


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