Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics

Supply Chain Management Major/Minor

The Supply Chain Management Major is all about doing things “right.” Students learn to provide consumers with the right product, at the right place and time, and at the right level of value. A supply chain has three primary functions. Procurement is sourcing of the materials, supplies and services needed by an organization. Operations deals with using these inputs to manufacture goods and provide services. Transportation and logistics involves delivering products to consumers. The goal in all these areas is to maximize customer satisfaction and corporate profitability. These efforts have led to many business innovations such as single and global sourcing, design for manufacturing, agile and lean manufacturing, advanced analytics, 3-D printing, and green supply chains.

Increasingly, companies are outsourcing different supply chain management tasks to external partners to benefit from their expertise and to focus more on their own core competencies. This trend has reduced corporate investments in inventory and infrastructure and resulted in more flexible supply chains, but it is making supply chains increasingly interdependent and complex especially in today’s global business environment. Students with strong quantitative and computing skills and an array of multi-cultural and entrepreneurship experiences will become valued supply chain management professionals.

After graduation, most students will earn a professional designation, such as Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP), while gaining valuable industry experience. Some may then decide to pursue a graduate degree in the field or a related area such as management science or project management. Designation holders, particularly those with a graduate degree, will be well prepared to advance to the highest levels of their profession including careers in consulting or teaching and research.

For those students wanting only an exposure to supply chain management, a Supply Chain Management Minor is also available.

Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation

TRU Gaglardi’s Bachelor of Business Administration – Supply Chain Major is accredited by Supply Chain Canada. Students who achieved a grade of 70 per cent or higher and completed the program in the past five years earn advance standing towards the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation’s academic program components. Find out more at Supply Chain Canada.

 Learning objectives

Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

  1. Describe the methods used by organizations to procure the property, facilities, equipment, materials and services required to operate.
  2. Design a procurement system that effectively employs demand forecasting, demand management and inventory management techniques.
  3. Utilize appropriate web-based technologies when designing management systems.
  4. Construct, manage and control business systems for the production of quality products and services using appropriate analytical tools and industry best practices.
  5. Develop effective logistical and transportation systems using appropriate analytical tools and industry best practices.
  6. Design, manage and control a global supply chain that reflects varying legal, business, ethical and sustainable management practices.
  7. Demonstrate professional selling practices that maximize company profitability through strong customer service and retention.
  8. Manage the different aspects of an international firm from a strategic perspective recognizing the environmental, cross-cultural and managerial differences between countries and regions.
  9. Demonstrate the effective use of different forecasting techniques in solving business and economic problems.
  10. Apply supply chain management principles in a professional capacity.
 Major requirements
SCMN 3330 Procurement Management
MIST 3620 Web-Enabled Business Applications
SCMN 4310 Operations Management
SCMN 4320 Logistics and Transportation
SCMN 4390 Selected Topics in Supply Chain Management
MKTG 4490 Business-to-Business Marketing
At least two of:
MKTG 3450 Professional Selling
ECON 4330 Forecasting in Business and Economics
IBUS 4570 Global Management
 Minor requirements
SCMN 3330 Procurement Management
SCMN 4310 Operations Management
SCMN 4320 Logistics and Transportation
SCMN 4390 Selected Topics in Supply Chain Management