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Up to $10,000 available in MBA entrance awards

On-campus, domestic students who are studying full time (minimum 2 graduate courses each semester) may be considered for up to $10,000 in MBA entrance awards. Book an appointment with our graduate program advisor to learn more.

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It’s your move. Think bigger.

A global trailblazer of innovative business solutions — meet Mario Reyes Castro.

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Application Deadlines

September intake: May 1 (extended for domestic students)
January intake: Oct. 1 
May intake: Feb. 1 (online only)

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Expand your understanding of business leadership and enrich your career.

At TRU, learners and faculty with diverse backgrounds come together from all over the world, contributing to a holistic perspective of a global business mind and skillset.

You can follow entrepreneurial instincts, specialize through research, skip the thesis or embrace it — make our MBA your own. Hold a BBA? Eligibility options to complete in one-year. Full-time and part-time options available.

On top of the traditional advantages, you get extensive flexibility and customization, along with online course selections.

  • Two years or one-year accelerated

  • Course-based, graduate project or graduate thesis

  • On campus, online or a combination

  • Full time or part time

  • Open to domestic and international students

What our students have to say

A graduate of TRU’s MBA graduate program, Mario Reyes Castro and his wife (also a TRU alumni) are co-founders of a successful automation service company, Reyes Boodhum Co Ltd.

Looking back at his time here, Castro said that the biggest surprise was how open and friendly the faculty and staff at the Bob Gaglardi School of Business & Economics were.

“There was not one time that I felt unwelcomed when I approached my faculty, and I always felt comfortable to pay them a visit from time to time to just say a simple ‘hi!’”

Besides the opportunities to network and build personal connections on campus that naturally occur within the Bob Gaglardi School of Business & Economics, Castro also noted that TRU’s student life was a benefit as well.

“I consider myself a very sociable individual, so naturally what intrigued me the most about TRU was the vibrant campus lifestyle and the engaging activities available to students to further develop important skills outside of the classroom.”

Looking back on his time at TRU, Castro just has one piece of advice for prospective MBA students:

“If you want to be part of an open, friendly and welcoming academic community that will provide you with many opportunities to learn new skills and further develop current skills, then TRU is the perfect choice for you.”


Our program offers thesis, project and course-based completion options. You’ll leave the program with concrete skills to apply to your workplace or your next venture.


TRU is a public university, and you can be confident that all TRU MBA students, regardless of their method of study, receive a rigorous academic experience.


An education doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. The TRU MBA offers one of the highest values for your dollar in Canada.


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