Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics

Research Supervisors

Full Graduate Instructor/SupervisorResearch Area

Dr. Douglas Booth
(Faculty Annex, FAN105) 

Sport/tourism in natural or built environments
Dr. John Church
(Research Ctr, HSE6717)
Cattle industry sustainability
Dr. Hasnat Dewan 
Sustainable development
Quality of life
The growth-poverty-inequality nexus
Resource and urban economics
Banking crisis
Public policy
Dr. Lauch Fraser
Ecosystem reclamation, biodiversity, climate change, range management
Dr. James Gaisford 
International trade and the environment including: 
(a) international aspects of climate change policy, 
(b) how international trade affects the environment, and 
(c) how international trade agreements and international environmental agreements fit (or do not fit) together
Dr. Belayet Hossain 
Non-profit sector
Public policy
Aboriginal issues
Public finance
Women empowerment
Micro finance
Consumer behaviour
Dr. Laura Lamb 
Sustainable community economic development
Public policy
Indigenous economic issues
Environmental sustainability
Dr. Ehsan Latif 
Demand for energy
Monetary valuation of envrionmental impact
Environmental health
Dr. Bruce Martin 
Social enterprise creation, design, scaling, impact, and ecosystem
Non-profit creation, business model development, and governance
Entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups
Entrepreneurship education, motivation, skill development
Innovation processes
Creative problem solving processes
Dr. Stan Miles 
Symbolic regression
Scholarship of teaching and learning
Dr. Hafiz Rahman
Public policy
Local government decision-making
Aboriginal issues
Dr. Nancy Southin
Dr. Peter Tsigaris 
Environmental economics
Climate change
Dr. Joel Wood 
Environmental economics
Environmental policy
Air pollution
Climate change
Gas taxes
Public policy

Associate Graduate Instructor/SupervisorResearch Area
Dr. Salvador Barragan 
Gender and diversity
Leadership and organizational culture
Nancy Carson 
Dr. Salman Kimiagari 
International aspects of climate change policy,
International trade effects on the environment
Sustainable development/Global supply chain
Consumer behavior
Demand for energy  
Dr. Meng Sun 
Environmental economics
Labour economics
Environmental impacts on health and labour market
Dr. Li Zhang 

Note: Associate & Full Graduate Instructor/Supervisors can be project supervisors, second readers for projects, and thesis committee members.

Only a Full Graduate Instructor/Supervisor can be a main supervisor for a thesis.