Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics

Bachelor of Arts - Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development Minor

The Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development Minor provides students with an understanding of current issues in environmental economics, development economics, natural resource management, and sustainable development. Sustainable development involves meeting “the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Due to the growing importance of corporate social responsibility, companies are devoting considerably more resources to ensure they are operating in a sustainable manner. Future managers in any industry will benefit greatly from a knowledge of this important field.

 Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

  1. Analyze the effects of climate change on economic development and the domestic and international policy initiatives undertaken to mitigate these costs.
  2. Develop a plan that utilizes local resources to promote sustainable community economic and social development.
  3. Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of current or proposed projects utilizing benefit-cost analysis.
  4. Examine environmental issues and the public policies developed to address problems relating to resource over-utilization and pollution.
  5. Apply microeconomics principles to forest management, conservation and policy development.
  6. Investigate land use issues and the public polices relating to the preservation and conservation of agricultural lands.
  7. Research issues, challenges and policies options relating to sustainable economic development.
At least four of:
ECON 3410 Economics of Climate Change
ECON 3690 Community Economic Development
ECON 3700 Cost Benefit Analysis
ECON 3710 Environmental Economics
ECON 3730 Forestry Economics
ECON 3740 Land Use Economics
ECON 3990 Selected Topics in Economics
(Only if related to environmental economics and sustainable development)
ECON 4720 Sustainable Economics Development
ECON 4990 Selected Topics in Economics
(Only if related to environmental economics and sustainable development)
At least two of:
ANTH 3260
ANTH 4060
Environmental Archaeology or
Cultural Resource Management
ANTH 3270 First Nations Resource Management
GEOG 3100
GEOG 4230
GEOG 4800
Environment and Resources or
Attitudes towards the Environment or
Environmental Issues and Policies
PHIL 4350 Environmental Ethics
SOCI 3600 Sociology and Natural Resources