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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


 When a department sends a proposal for renovations and it is approved...say a job less than $25,000, where does that money come from?

The budget for space renovations is administered by our department, with input from the space renovations committee. A department may wish to upgrade their office furniture or install specialized equipment at the time of the renovation. If so, then the department would be responsible for funding those aspects of the project. We are responsible for supplying office furniture for new positions, but not for replacement furniture. We do not have responsibility to fund specialized departmental equipment. For information on how to prepare a space renovation proposal, refer to Administrative Policy ADM 18-0.

 I need replacement furniture for my office. How do I arrange this and who pays for it?

Generally speaking, furniture for new positions is provided and paid for by this department. Replacement furniture for existing positions is funded through your own department. To purchase replacement furniture, submit a purchase requisition to the Purchasing Department.

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