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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


What we do:

Utility Services provide a variety of tasks related to the maintenance of buildings, grounds, vehicles, and equipment including:

  • Moving and delivering furniture, materials, supplies and equipment
  • Performing seasonal grounds maintenance including snow removal, sanding, and lawn maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance work on buildings and equipment
  • Janitorial equipment repair

Note - Neither carpentry nor utility provide furniture assembly. Assembly of furniture should be provided by the company the furniture is purchased from.


Utility Services is responsible for administering moving services for the transportation of goods, materials, equipment and furnishings between TRU buildings; preparing rooms by moving and arranging chairs, desks, tables and other related furniture and equipment. Prior to your move, please request your moving boxes through Archibus and allow a few days for delivery. End user is responsible for packing up their own office.

Departments requiring moving services outside of normal working hours may be required to fund such projects, in which case estimates are provided. Generally, moving services are restricted to campus and satellite locations.

Service requests: 

Please refer to our Contact Us page.

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