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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Snow Clearance and Ice Control

Provision for snow clearance and ice control for the university is provided for through a contract with a snow removal contractor. Whenever possible, snow and ice control activities will be scheduled during campus off-hours to minimize disruption to routine TRU educational and operational activities. The aim is to have all roads, parking lots and sidewalks snow- and ice-free by 8 a.m. on each school day.

The following is the order of priority for snow removal and/or sanding:

  • Sidewalk ramps, curb cuts and parking stalls used by the disabled.
  • Main building entrances and emergency road access points.
  • Sidewalks, when required.
    • Walks are sanded once in the morning and once again in the afternoon.
  • Roads and parking lots.

In winter, watch your step ...

Most accidents due to ice, snow and general winter conditions are preventable. Here are a few guidelines to help us get through the season safely:

  • While travelling to and from work or school, wear appropriate winter footwear - preferably with flat, rubber, slip-resistant soles.
    • A second pair of footwear should be kept at the workplace.
  • Where possible, walk on plowed, sanded, well-lit paths and walkways. Avoid taking short cuts over snow banks.
  • Be extra careful when getting out of your vehicle in parking lots as it is very difficult to sand between parked cars, and there may be slippery patches.
  • Always use handrails on steps and walk carefully.
  • Cross roadways at pedestrian crosswalks.
Sidewalks and Building Entrances Priorities
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