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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


Routine repairs and maintenance

We undertake a variety of routine repair and maintenance tasks to ensure the safety and comfort of staff and students. These tasks include such things as changing filters, plumbing repairs, relamping, maintaining door hardware, troubleshooting mechanical and electrical problems, etc.

Cyclical repair projects

Cyclical repairs are performed annually to maintain comfort and safety and to extend the effective life of the asset. Building components such as roofs, electrical systems, flooring, paint and wall coverings, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, etc. are replaced/upgraded under the cyclical repairs program. Projected requirements are listed and ranked in a five year plan. The plan is then reviewed and approved each spring for implementation in the summer months.

Space renovation projects

Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability oversees space acquisition, construction and renovations for TRU. Use this form to request renovation of existing space — not to request new space. New requests are triaged, prioritized and scheduled with a view to balancing university priorities with available resources.

Renovations are governed by Administrative Policy ADM 18-0. Projects that fall into this category consist of changes to existing space. Examples include:

  • Upgrading a space.
  • Removing or adding walls, doors, etc.
  • Installing specialized equipment.
  • Replacing or repairing worn out building components (flooring, painting, etc.).
  • Work required to maintain health and safety standards.
  • Renovations intended to optimize space utilization.

Prioritization of submissions

  • Does it address a health, safety or regulatory requirement?
  • Does it provide benefit to students?
  • Is it funded by the requester?
  • Does it help renew aging infrastructure?
  • Does it include a sustainability component?
  • Does it support TRU’s strategic priorities?


Contact us if you are considering a renovation in your area.

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