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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference


  • Advise Senate on policies, programs and practices to promote, support and celebrate high quality and innovative teaching and learning environments.
  • Advise Senate on policies and practices for the systematic measurement of the quality of teaching and learning, and on the promotion of research on teaching and learning.
  • Advise Senate on the coordination of academic policies and regulations involving the Library, Information Technology Services and Media Services.
  • Advise Senate on the further development, service integration and coordination of the Library, Information Technology Services and Media Services.
  • Address matters brought forward by faculty, students, Senate, the Vice-President Academic, the Associate Vice-President of Information Services, and the University Librarian.



  • Director, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (ex officio, voting)

Voting members

  • A minimum of two Senators approved by Senate (one must be a Dean)
  • Eight faculty members; one of whom must be an Open Learning faculty member and one of whom must be an Instructional Support faculty member approved by Senate, preferably at least one member from as many different disciplines as possible
  • Two students nominated by TRU Student Union and appointed by the Senate Steering Committee

Ex officio non-voting members

  • Associate Vice-President Information Technology Services or designate
  • Director or designate, University Library
  • Director or designate, Integrated Planning and Effectiveness
  • Director, Curriculum Development and Delivery, Open Learning
  • Director of Innovation
  • Associate Director, Academic Planning & Continuous Quality Improvement, Office of Quality Assurance

Administrative support

  • Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
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