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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference


  • Advise Senate on measures to achieve the goals set out in the University’s Strategic Plan and Academic Plan with regard to international opportunities with a focus on internationalization and increasing the number of international opportunities for TRU students and faculty;
  • Advise Senate on measures to promote alignment of academic, budgetary and other priorities of Senate with the international activities of the University;
  • Advise Accreditation Steering Committee and report on mission fulfillment in relation to the Core Theme Intercultural Understanding;
  • Establish such sub-committees as needed to fulfil the Committee's responsibilities.



  • Vice-President International

Ex officio voting members

  • Vice Chair: A Director, TRU World
  • Associate Vice-President of Students and Dean Faculty of Student Development (or designate)
  • Intercultural Coordinator


  • One Dean, approved by Senate
  • Five Faculty and/or Open Learning Faculty Members approved by Senate (one must be a Senator, one must be an OLFM)
  • Up to three students, nominated by TRUSU and appointed by Senate Steering Committee
  • One representative of the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee appointed by the APPC
  • One member to be appointed by the Vice-President International
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