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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference


A standing Appeal Committee Panel shall consist of:

  • Registrar or designate (ongoing)
  • One (1) Faculty member from each Faculty/Division/School
  • One (1) Student from each Faculty/Division/School

Membership on Appeal Committee Panels normally shall be for a period of two years. Terms of service shall be arranged such that one-half expire as of September 1 in each academic year.

To hear an appeal, an Appeal Committee shall be convened by the Registrar. The committee shall consist of:

  • The Registrar or the Registrar's designate, who shall serve as non-voting Chair;
  • Two students, drawn at random by the Chair from the student membership of the Appeal Committee Panel;
  • Two faculty members, drawn at random by the Chair from the faculty membership of the Appeal Committee Panel.

An Appeal Committee quorum shall consist of all five committee members.

Each member of the Appeal Committee, with the exception of the Chair, shall have one vote in rendering a decision. Appeal Committee decisions shall be by majority vote. In the event of a tie, policy ED 4-0 will be followed.

The Committee shall operate under Policy BRD/ED (25) 4-0 Appeals.

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