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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Terms of Reference

With respect to Graduate Programs: To review, consider and recommend matters of administration, policy and practice pertaining to graduate degrees and other graduate post-baccalaureate programs, examine all proposed programs and course offerings prior to submission of APPC , and engage the university in strategic planning for advanced and graduate education. The TRU-GSC may strike subcommittees to address specific issues.


  • Advise Senate on all matters related to graduate-level education degrees programs of the University.
  • Advise Senate on policies and practices related to the development, review, approval, delivery and evaluation of graduate-level courses and programs of the University.
  • Review and receive new program proposals ,and consider program, course and/or curriculum changes,from the Graduate Program Committees and make recommendations to the APPC ,for those items that require Senate approval.Identify commonality between programs and make recommendations that foster collaboration and exchange among academic units to enhance the graduate program and to facilitate the sharing of courses,expertise, and other resources.
  • Advise Senate on Student Academic Policies including but not limited to policies, practices and criteria for the admission,evaluation and promotion of student except for those matters within the jurisdiction of the Planning Council for Open Learning.
  • Ensure and coordinate regular and systematic external assessment and review of graduate programs.
  • Receive and recommend to APPC any graduate programs for deletion and review the phase out process.
  • Develop and oversee policies related to compliance with standards of academic integrity and ethics, promotion of cultural diversity and intellectual collegiality.
  • Advise Senate on the criteria for awarding graduate certificates, diplomas and degrees.
  • Consult the Budget Committee of Senate for advice on the budgetary implications of recommendations brought forward to theTRU-GSC requiring additional resources.
  • Promote best practices for graduate student engagement including but not limited to graduate teaching and research assistants, internal scholarships, travel bursaries, and other internal awards, including awards for outstanding graduate student supervision.
  • Review and approve or deny applications for faculty participation as Full and Associate Graduate Instructor/Supervisor following approval of the Dean.
  • Engage in strategic planning for graduate education in a way that is consistent with the university academic plan and research plan.
  • Submit to Senate annual report on graduate studies at the University.
  • Other duties as assigned by Senate.



  • A voting member of the Committee, nominated by the Committee and approved by Senate

Voting members

  • Director of Research and Graduate Studies
  • Graduate Program Committee Coordinators (Faculty Members) of AVED Approved programs
  • Four Senate approved faculty members involved in graduate education
  • Two Deans approved by Senate
  • One staff members approved by Senate
  • Senate approved Open Learning faculty member involved in graduate education (1)
  • Two graduate students nominated by TRUSU and approved by Senate Steering Committee

Ex-officio non-voting members

  • Provost and Vice-President, Academic (or designate)
  • Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies
  • Associate Vice-President, Open Learning (or designate)
  • Registrar (or designate)
  • Director of Libraries (or designate)
  • University Librarian
  • Associate VP, International and Chief Executive Officer Global Operations (or designate)
  • Graduate Program Coordinators from TRU Board approved graduate programs awaiting AVED support
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