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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

TRU Ride Share

This program is currently on hold. If you have any questions, please contact the Sustainability Office at

Are you looking for a safer and more convenient way to commute to campus? TRU Ride Share is the answer. Our ride share program is exclusively available to students, staff and faculty, creating a tight-knit community of commuters who share the same destination and values.

Connect with Your TRU community

TRU Ride Share brings our campus community together. When you use our free online app, you'll be matched with fellow students, faculty members, and staff, allowing you to build meaningful connections with your peers during your commute.

Safety first

We prioritize your safety. You need a TRU email to participate since the program is only for current TRU students, faculty, or staff members. Your home address remains confidential and will never appear on match lists. You choose who to contact from your list of matches, giving you complete control over your ride share experience. You are not obliged to participate if you don’t feel like it.

Eco-friendly commuting

By carpooling with TRU Ride Share, you not only save on parking and fuel costs but also reduce your carbon footprint. Contributing to a greener planet is easy when you join our ride share community.

Payment is easy

Payment is handled entirely electronically through the app with the use of a credit or Visa debit card, preventing you from needing cash to pay for your ride.

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