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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Ride Sharing

Carpooling is a great way to save on parking and fuel. Use our free online app, TRU Rideshare, to find a student, faculty member or staff member to share a ride to campus. Reduce your carbon footprint and find a commuting buddy.

TRU Rideshare is an online web tool to help you quickly and securely find carpool partners. Using your home and campus addresses, you are matched to nearby commuters with similar schedules. Your home address never appears on match lists. When you receive your list of matches, you may choose who to contact. There are no obligations or requirements.

Commuters who carpool can split the cost of a parking permit. You can also register an additional vehicle on your long-term parking permit—whether it's economy, general, premium or reserved—so you and your carpool buddy can take turns driving if you wish. (Just make sure you transfer your permit between vehicles when you switch—and call the Parking Office if you leave it behind.) Email the Parking Office with the vehicle's licence plate and model to register.

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