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Prerequisite Waiver Request Form - for TRU Gaglardi Students

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Before you start

A prerequisite is another course or requirement which must be met prior to enrolling in a subsequent course. Course prerequisites are listed in Degree Works, the course schedule, and in the TRU Calendar course description area.


In the event you have received a “prerequisite not met” error message when registering, it is likely that you have not followed the proper sequencing of courses in your program or that the registration system is not properly “reading” your prerequisite course.


Requests are not automatically approved.  Proper course planning and sequencing of your course requirements can eliminate the need for a PRW request.


Before you fill out this PRW Request Form:

  1. Review the planning tools provided on our website before you proceed with your registration
  2. If you cannot resolve the error message and find yourself in one of the following circumstances, fill out this PRW Request form.
    • Prerequisite requirements have been successfully completed
    • In the process of completing the prerequisite requirements
    • A prerequisite requirement is not a part of their program requirements
    • The prerequisite requirement is met by unspecified transfer credits
    • In some circumstances, students waiting for their transfer credit assessment result


Important! Advisors may grant approval for any of the above circumstances. Please note they do not have the authority to override your program requirements.

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Important! It is students' responsibility to know their program requirements, ensure their course planning is following the proper course sequence, and fulfill all graduation requirements. Failure to follow the proper course sequence or failure to meet any of the graduation requirements can result in extended study duration.


It is strongly recommended you plan ahead and stay prepared by having a "Completion Plan." If you are not sure how to plan your courses, review our online resources:



Download a blank Completion Plan Form

Your Completion Plan must include your current semester to your final semester.

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List the courses you are trying to register. e.g. ECON 2320, MKTG 2430

List the courses you are trying to register. e.g. ECON 2320, MKTG 2430

List the courses you are trying to register. e.g. ECON 2320, MKTG 2430

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We will attempt to complete your request within five business days. When the prerequisite waiver has been added to your file, you will be able to see it on your myTRU account, under On-campus course registration and then Prepare for Registration. Requests will be processed in the order that they received. Please do not submit multiple requests. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


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