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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Parking Appeal

The application must be accompanied by a $30 appeal fee (per ticket) in person at the Parking Office on the first floor of the CAC (Campus Activity Centre) building within 10 calendar days of receipt of the violation notice. The appeal will not be heard by the Parking and Appeal Committee unless the appeal fee(s) is submitted with the application. If successful, the appeal fee(s) will be refunded to the appellant and the ticket will be cancelled. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the fee will not be refunded and the parking ticket must be paid.

Please complete the online application form and then come to Parking Office with payment, or request a fillable form from the Parking Office at, or come in person to the Parking Office to pick-up a paper application form. Please ensure you include supporting documentation (receipts, photos, information) and specifics of what you are appealing and the details and amounts you are requesting a refund for when submitting your completed application.

Thank you

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