New Faculty Orientation

Welcome to TRU! The TRU copyright office oversees and documents the use of third party materials in all Open Learning courses and all campus course packs that are printed through our print shop. We are also available to faculty members to answer any questions related to additional third party materials that may be used in the campus courses outside of the course pack.

It’s an exciting time in education right now with all the new technology and digitization of resources, but it can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. As faculty at TRU, we know that you want to keep your courses current and engaging for students, but often with time constraints and multiple obligations.

It can be daunting to try to find available resources in a short amount of time, and to know how and when to use those resources responsibly, without infringing copyright, in print and within a learning management system or digital environment, such as Moodle.

Please see the information in the New Faculty Orientation presentation below, or feel free to contact us at copyright@tru with any questions you may have about either creating materials or using third party materials in your teaching and research.

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