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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Fair Dealing

How does the fair dealing exception impact you at TRU?

The Canadian Copyright Act allows students and faculty the use of material from a copyright protected work without obtaining permission from or payment to the copyright owner for specified purposes. Fair Dealing purposes include using literature, audio/visual works, and music for research, education, private study, satire, parody, criticism, review or news reporting.

The following documents are provided to assist TRU faculty, staff, and students interpret TRU's Fair Dealing Policy. These documents, as well as TRU's Fair Dealing Policy itself, are adapted from documents provided by Universities Canada.

  1. General Application
  2. Teaching and Research by University Faculty
  3. Guidance for Students
  4. Library Copying
  5. Learning Management Systems (Moodle and Blackboard)
  6. Production and Sale of Course Packs
  7. Administrative Copying
  8. Musical Works and Sound Recordings
  9. Audiovisual Works

Read TRU's Fair Dealing Policy

If you have questions about using materials in your courses at TRU, please don’t hesitate to contact TRU Copyright.

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