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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Open Education Resource Projects (OERs)

We can help

So, you’ve accepted the task of writing or adapting an open education resource. Sounds simple enough? Maybe not, but it’s a challenge you don’t have to face alone.

  • At Open Learning, “open” is not just part of our name, it’s our mission. We are driven to provide accessible, flexible learning opportunities for our students.
  • We recognize that the potential benefits of OERs for students are huge, but we also understand that every project is different and has unique challenges.
  • Open Learning has experienced copyright and editing teams to support you with the creation or adaptation of OERs.
  • Our qualified teams are familiar with OER resources and are here to help you through the OER process.


TRU’s Intellectual Property Office can provide support for creators and adaptors of OER:

  • Copyright analysis and guidance
  • Licensing and clearance of third party content to creators and adapters of OER
  • Creative Commons licensing
  • Record keeping for third party content

Third party content

If you plan to submit your open textbook to BCcampus, keep records for any 3rd party content and include the following for each item:

  • Retrieved from date and URL
  • Title and screenshot of graphical content
  • Descriptive location of textual content
  • Licence type or public domain tool that permits usage
  • Where the item has been placed in your OER


Open Learning Editors can be involved at any stage of the writing process to provide structural and stylistic editing, copy editing or proofreading. 


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