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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Clearing Materials and Course Packs

Copyright Flowchart

This flowchart shows the steps from selecting material for a course to ensuring that there is no infringement of copyright.

Fair Dealing

Refer to TRU’s Fair Dealing Policy, and the supporting Fair Dealing Policy documents, for assistance in determining whether third party material you wish to use in a course could be considered Fair Dealing. If it can, it may be used without further permission or license.

Requisition for Copyright Clearance

If you have any copyright related questions or you would like us to review the materails in your course for Copyright, please contact the TRU Intellectual Property Office directly at You may also submit a requisition for copyright clearance using this form. Please identify all materials completely by filling out the form as indicated.

Creating Course Packs 

HOW do we make this happen?

  1. Create the vision (materials)
  2. Choose your method of delivery – PRINTED or MOODLE?
       Copyright clearance is required for both methods of delivery
  3. Track the source/s information (Books, journals, URL’s, websites)
    WORD Doc.   
    Excel spreadsheet
    Downloaded and scanned copies of single journal articles, single chapters, and or excerpts from books or online    resources.
    (Please note: the Copyright office does not download, scan, delete materials, and or make any changes to your    course packs).
  4. If we are unable to clear a material, the copyright office will advise you immediately by email.
  5. If there are any license costs associated with using the material, the copyright office will advise you immediately by email.
  6. Create a MASTER PDF
      All downloaded and scanned materials should be included with your course content (exactly how and where you intend to use it) into one digital PDF.

WHO to Contact & WHEN?

 Contact the Copyright office at copyright, at any time during & after creation of a course pack, for questions about:

  1. Materials you would like to use in your course
  2. Clearable web sites or materials from websites
  3. Licensing and Fair Dealing
The course pack creation process starts with YOU, involves US (Copyright Office) & ends with HAPPY Educated Students! 
  1. Create/REVIEW course pack (PDF) & materials (IF reusing previously cleared course pack please advise of NEW/REMOVED materials & please update your PDF accordingly).
  2. Send PDF to Printshop or Copyright office for copyright review & approval (List of materials only is fine to send, but a digital copy of PDF will still be required also before FINAL clearance can be sent).
  3. Once PDF has been reviewed & cleared for PRINT or MOODLE. FINAL clearance will be sent to Printshop and you (Please note MOODLE materials only need to be sent to the copyright office only).
  4. Printshop PRINTS course pack for distribution/purchase to the Bookstore.
  5. MOODLE final clearance will be sent to you to directly for you to then upload to your course container in Moodle.


Printed course packs are printed for students to purchase in the TRU Bookstore. Some textbooks may be costly, course packs are typically compilations of materials that you've found relevant to your learning objectives in your course, so that your students do not have to buy multiple resources or texbooks to learn and benefit from multiple, current and diverse sources. 

The pros and cons of printed course packs

  • Physical copies to which students can have in class and home always.
  • NO internet source needed
  • Course packs can replace expensive bulky textbooks
  • Provides only integral materials from various books and or journals (No more reading and sourcing through un-useful and not required information)   
  • NOT ENVIROMENT FRIENDLY                                                                                            
  • Can be LOST/STOLEN and additional copies will need to made
  • Limited to only the resources that are PRINTED   
  • Students need to purchase                                                                                 

Alternatively, you may decide to upload and host materials in your course on TRU's learning management system, Moodle. Uploading and hosting materials on Moodle may require licensing as well, depending on the Copyrights of the materials. 

The pros and cons of uploading and hosting materials on Moodle

  • Real time for students - LINKS for additional resources and web sites can be utilized
  • Course materials can’t be lost and or stolen
  • Password protected/log in required
  • NO paper copies made
  • Laptops and computers are required can be expensive to buy

Whichever you decide, you may contact the TRU Intellectual Property Office directly at Please note that all course packs printed at the TRU Printshop are reviewed by our office. 

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