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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University


 How do I apply?

Each Leave for Change partner has their own application process. Speak to your employer to find out more and to receive an application form.

Once you have obtained your application form and are familiar with the application process, we invite you to view the current Leave for Change Opportunities. When applying please state your first, second and third choice of assignment on the application form. If you do not see a position that matches your skill-set, we encourage you to apply anyways as new opportunities come up frequently. The listed positions represent a small percentage of the skills and knowledge from which our local country partners could benefit. If you are not applying to a specific assignment, please ensure to state your main areas of interest and skill set in the application form.

 How long is a Leave for Change volunteer assignment? When do they take place?

Leave for Change assignments are designed to fit in with your busy professional and personal schedule. Assignments are short-term, usually three to four weeks with flexible, year round departures. Although we endeavor to accommodate your preferred choice of country and departure date please note that our top priority is to match your skills, experience and interests to the needs of one of our local country partners.

 In which countries do Leave for Change assignments take place?

Leave for Change assignments currently take place in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Jordan (soon to be introduced Cote d'Ivoire). The qualifications, skills and experience required vary greatly depending on the needs of our local partners. Please note that country preferences are taken into consideration but not guaranteed. The first priority is to match your skills and interests to the needs of one of our local country partners.

 What do WUSC Leave for Change volunteers do?

The WUSC volunteer cooperation program is all about strengthening the capacities of our local partner organizations. Acting as advisors, volunteers share their knowledge and skills from their area of expertise with our partner organizations. By working together, they strengthen the host organization's capacities in a specific field. By sharing their experiences and time, volunteers gain a host of new skills such as increased intercultural communication skills, better knowledge and understanding of global development and become more open-minded, adaptable and innovative.

 What will I gain from taking part in Leave for Change?

You will gain a wider understanding of global development issues, gain valuable intercultural experiences, expand your skill set and meet interesting people along the way. See what past Leave for Change volunteers have said about their experience and the skills they have gained.

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