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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Policies and Practices

Faculty and students participating in research and scholarly activity must abide by TRU Policies. For a complete listing of all TRU Policies, or to download the full Policies Handbook, visit the TRU Policies Index.

Letters of Understanding with the TRU Faculty Association

Overhead Costs

Overhead costs, also called indirect costs, are the related costs of research absorbed by the institution, such as building operating costs, financial, legal and library services. A portion of these costs are recovered from research agreements.

All budgets presented in all research agreement applications must include 25% overhead or specific agency overhead rate. Research agreements with not-for-profits do not require overhead costs.

This includes partnership programs where matching funding partners are involved. For example, in the NSERC Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) or NSERC Industrial Research Chair (IRC) programs, an overhead is charged to the industry partner in addition to the direct costs that are being matched by NSERC.

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