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What is the Research Support Fund?

Items including equipment, research assistant salaries and necessary research travel are often covered by funding agencies, but to establish successful research programs, there are many hidden costs. The Research Support Fund covers many of the costs of research absorbed by the institution, such as building operating costs, financial, legal and library services.

The Research Office relies on the Federal Research Support Fund to provide effective support for the management of grants and to ensure compliance with tri-council agreements. The Research Support Fund has allowed TRU’s research compliance coordinator and other staff to provide training and support to our animal care, human ethics, and biohazards committees. This helps ensure relevant documents are properly stored and archived and that decisions are communicated and reported as required. This grant also allows us to renovate and maintain new and existing facilities and to hire laboratory support for a number of research projects.

The Research Support Fund provides training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students as well as the infrastructure required for collaborative research projects with industry and community partners, NGOs, and other universities. The fund also improves TRU's ability to respond to these public and private research opportunities in a timely fashion in order to address regional, national, and international issues. As a result of this fund, TRU is home to a university-industry liaison and enterprise creation office, and a community-based research specialist, positions that allow us to build and strengthen relationships with our research partners.

To ensure that researchers, students, community members and elected officials are aware of this program and how these funds are used, we have been asked to post this report on our website annually.

The federal government requests that we report the use of funds in five areas of priority:

Facilities: Renovating labs, salaries for technicians and utility costs for research-related facilities, etc.

Research Resources: Operating costs for non-facility areas, insurance on research vehicles, etc.

Management & Administrative Costs: Expenses to provide researchers with grant-writing assistance, research accounting services, promotional expenses, audit costs, University-Industry liaison and enterprise creation office, etc.

Regulatory Requirements: Upgrades and upkeep of animal facilities, human ethics and biohazards committees, etc.

Intellectual Property Expenses:

In the 2014-15 fiscal year, TRU was awarded $357,453, which was allocated based on the following areas of priority:

  • Facilities — 7%
  • Resources — 1.3%
  • Management and Administration — 82.1%
  • Regulatory Requirements and Accreditation — 8.4%
  • Intellectual Property — 1.3%

Research Support Fund