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History Major
Bachelor of Arts


Provides students with an extensive knowledge of humanity's recorded past. The study of history offers the student the opportunity to develop mental skills and teaches the student how to organize and classify extensive data.


History can be directly applied to career such as history and social studies teachers, college and university professors, researchers, museum curators and archivists. It can also prepare students for careers in law, journalism, library work, publishing, government, business, and politics.

Admission Requirements

Open admission

  • Admission to Bachelor of Arts
  • Completion of no fewer than 9 credits in lower-level History courses, either at TRU or at other accredited institutions.

Students usually declare a major before the beginning of their third year of courses, but they must meet specific lower-level requirements to be admitted. All candidates are assigned a Major Program Advisor. Students are expected to meet with their advisor to ensure that they qualify and that appropriate courses are selected.

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