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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Emergency Resources

Emergency contact information

Campus services
Fire / ambulance / police 911
Health clinic 5126
Security/first aid 250-828-5033 Kamloops
250-398-6791 (Williams Lake)
Security cellular 250-828-5033
Switchboard 1111
Health and safety 5807 or 5808
Facilities 5388
Counselling 5023
Harassment advisor 5800
Municipal services
RCMP (non-emergency) 250-828-3000
Fire department (non-emergency) 250-372-5131
Ambulance service (non-emergency) 250-374-4411
Crime Stoppers 250-374-8477
Poison control centre 1-800-567-8911
Royal Inland Hospital 250-374-5111
Crisis and counselling centres
Alcohol and drug counselling 1-800-663-1441
Crisis centre 250-376-9292
Family violence 1-800-842-8467
Sexual assault centre 250-376-1948
Victims services 1-800-563-0808
Women's emergency shelter 250-374-6162

Resource locations

First aid

Located in Old Main at the BMO Student Street security kiosk. The hours of operation are 24/7, Monday through Friday. Non-emergency first aid is available through the medical clinic located at OM1461.

The Trades and Technology building has its own First Aid room in TT203. An emergency phone is located outside the room.


Security is on campus seven days a week. Located in Old Main on BMO Student Street, the security kiosk is monitored 24/7, seven days a week. Security is on campus 24 hours a day, though they may not always be found in their office as they patrol the campus. They carry a cellular phone so are always within easy reach. An emergency phone is located outside their office.

Health and Safety department

Located in the Human Resources Building, Room HR 139.


Located in the warehouse building behind the Trades building. During the academic year Facilities arrange to have personnel on campus when evening classes are in progress.

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