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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Policies and Guidelines

TRU Rainwater Management Guideline

All new buildings and major renovations of existing buildings will implement a rainwater management system unless site selection or unforeseen factors make a rainwater management system impossible or impractical.

TRU Rainwater Management Guide

TRU Anti-Idling Guidelines

One key goal of the TRU Strategic Sustainability Plan is to reduce energy use and air emissions. The Vehicle Anti-Idling Guideline provides guidance to achieve the goal of reducing energy use and air emissions from mobile sources.

TRU Anti-Idling Guidelines

TRU Environmental Policy

The University has a significant role to play in preserving the local and global environments. TRU seeks to be the University of Choice for students concerned about environmental sustainability and to be recognized for its leadership and stewardship in responding to environmental challenges. This policy will assist members of the University community to understand and fulfill their responsibilities with respect to environmental sustainability.

TRU Environmental Policity
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