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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

TRU Energy Management System

Sustainability is one of TRU’s core values. The ISO 50001 standard adds to and strengthens our commitment to environmental sustainability and addressing climate change.

TRU is implementing ISO 50001 as a way to ensure its energy management activities and efficiency savings are strategic, effective and persistent. This standard also supports TRU’s environmental policy.

TRU achieved compliance in May 2024.

ISO 50001

CAN/CSA ISO 50001 (2018) Energy Management Systems Standard is an internationally recognized voluntary standard that, when followed, enables organizations to establish a systematic approach to achieve continuous improvement of energy performance and ensure that this is engrained as an intrinsic part of the organization’s culture.

Based on the plan-do-check-act cycle for continuous improvement, ISO 50001 provides a framework of requirements for organizations to:

  • Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy.
  • Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy.
  • Use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use.
  • Measure the results.
  • Review how well the policy works.
  • Continually improve energy management.

Why TRU chose to comply with ISO 50001

Implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard is intended to lead to reductions in GHGs and other related environmental impacts, as well as energy cost reductions through the systematic management of energy.

What you can do

Everyone has a role to play is supporting TRU’s energy management commitment:

  • Familiarize yourself with TRU’s environmental policy.
  • Promote energy efficiency at TRU through everyday actions — purchases of energy- consuming equipment; building management, maintenance decisions and work orders; as well as construction and remodeling projects.
  • Contribute and provide comments or suggestions about issues or potential opportunities for energy savings, by submitting your ideas filling out this form
  • Complete training on TRU’s Energy Management System. A list of training requirements based on your role at TRU will be available soon.
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