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Is a career as a health care assistant right for me?

As a health care assistant, you will work as a front-line caregiver in a variety of settings including residential care facilities, home support agencies and assisted living facilities. You will provide hands-on care to older adults requiring support in daily life and for chronic health issues.

You will work collaboratively with an inter-disciplinary health care team under the direct supervision of a supervising health professional.

Working as an HCA can be physically demanding, which means you should be in good physical health with no back problems.

It is important that you are compassionate and sensitive to the emotional, mental and physical needs of older adults and physically challenged individuals.

Flexibility maturity and a sense of humour are important in this career. The prospective student is strongly advised to volunteer in a continuing care facility and to talk to a home support worker before registering for the program.


Wages for a Health Care Assistant in BC varies from approximately $18/hour to $28/hour with an average wage of approximately $25 depending on the location and situation.


TRU’s Health Care Assistant certificate may offer credits towards:

Types of employers

  • Acute care facilities
  • Adult day Services
  • Assisted living settings
  • Community care settings
  • Complex care homes
  • Dementia care units
  • Home support sgencies
  • Hospice

Career resource links

Visit the websites listed below to learn more about the Health Care Assistant program, as well as employment opportunities within Canada.