Faculty & Staff

School of Nursing Dean's Office
Rani H. Srivastava
Dean of Nursing
RN, PhD rsrivastava@tru.ca
Tracy Hoot
Associate Dean
RN, BScN, MSN, DHEd thoot@tru.ca
Sandra Trawin
Academic & Administration Coordinator
BMgt (dist) strawin@tru.ca
Doreen Grenier
Administrative Assistant
EA, BGS (In progress) dgrenier@tru.ca
Marilyn Campbell Davis
Director of Development - School of Nursing
 Journalism Dipl., CFM   mcampbelldavis@tru.ca
Sheri Ressler
Program Advisor - MN, BScN
BSc sressler@tru.ca
Amanda Smith
Program Assistant - Practice Placement
BTech amsmith@tru.ca
Gina Guerrero
Program Assistant - OL Nursing
MOA, Admin Asst.
BBA (In progress)
Roxane Kolle
Program Assistant - HCA
Dip, Business Admin. rkolle@tru.ca
Rob Roy
Simulation Technician
Curtis Stebner
Simulation Technician
Dip, Computer Engineering Technology   cstebner@tru.ca
Full-time Faculty
Andersen, Elizabeth
Master of Nursing Coordinator
RN, PhD eandersen@tru.ca
Anderson, Renée RN, BScN, MSN reanderson@tru.ca
Banks, Kathryn RN, MSN, PhD kbanks@tru.ca
Bell, Arleigh RN, MN, MEd arbell@tru.ca
Blackstock, Sheila RN, BScN, MSN, COHN, PhD (c) sblackstock@tru.ca
Bourque Bearskin, Lisa RN, BScN, MN, PhD lbourquebearskin@tru.ca
Borgland, Michelle
Chairperson, HCA/PN
RN, BScN, MScN, MHR (Palliative Care) mborgland@tru.ca   
Buckley, Barbara Jean RN, BScN, MScN, PhD bbuckley@tru.ca
Caputo, Shari RN, BScN, MSN scaputo@tru.ca
Chardon, Jessica RN, BScN, MSN jchardon@tru.ca
Christianson, Tracy RN, BScN, MN, DHEd, CCNE tchristianson@tru.ca
Cinel, Julie 
Student Advisor - Sem 6-8                                                    Practice Placement Coordinator
RN, ASc, BScN, MSN jcinel@tru.ca
Correale, Heather RN, BScN, MSc hcorreale@tru.ca
D'Souza, Melba RN, BScN, MScN, MPhilN, PhD mdsouza@tru.ca
Duchscher, Judy RN, BScN, MN, PhD jduchscher@tru.ca
Fehr, Florriann
RN, BScN, MN, PhD ffehr@tru.ca
Fleury, Lynnette (LTC) RN, BSN, MSN lfleury@tru.ca
Ford, Laura RN, BScN, MN lford@tru.ca
Fournier, Bonnie RN, MSc, PhD bofournier@tru.ca
Graham, Devon RN, BScN, MN dgraham@tru.ca
Hoot, Tracy
Associate Dean
RN, BScN, MSN, DHEd thoot@tru.ca
Jones, Joanne
Program and Course Lead for Open Learning
BScN, MSN, CCNE jjones@tru.ca
Lussier, Krista RN, BcSN, MSN klussier@tru.ca
Lyster, Tara RN, BScN, MN tlyster@tru.ca
MacNeill, Patricia
(on leave)
RN, BSN, MN-NP pnicol@tru.ca
Mahara, Star RN, BScN, MSN mahara@tru.ca
McKenzie, Wendy
Nursing Resource Centre - Simulation Coordinator
RN, BScN, CD, CNN(c), MScN, EdD wmckenzie@tru.ca
Morris, Kim   
Practice Lead, HCA
RN, BScN, MN kmorris@tru.ca
Murnaghan, Donna RN, MSN, PhD dmurnaghan@tru.ca
O'Mahony, Joyce
Research Ethics Board, Chairperson
RN, PhD jomahony@tru.ca
Plowe, Kristen (LTC) RN, BScN, MSN kplowe@tru.ca
Ross, Steven M.
Chairperson, BScN
RN, BScN, MN stross@tru.ca
Sanders, Tanya RN, BScN, MSN tsanders@tru.ca
Sanderson, Darlene
Program Lead, Indigenous Pathways to Health Careers
RN, BScN, MA, PhD dsanderson@tru.ca
Seibel, Michelle RN, BScN, MA mseibel@tru.ca
Sullivan, Andrea
co-Chairperson, BScN
RN, BScN, MSN asullivan@tru.ca
Taylor, Mona RN, BScN, MSN mtaylor@tru.ca
Walker, Candace                                                                     Practice Lead RN, BScN, MN cawalker@tru.ca
Waters, Nicola RN, MSc, PhD nwaters@tru.ca
BScN Continuing Sessional Faculty
Anderson, Deborah RN, BScN, MN, CRN(C) danderson@tru.ca
Little, Tatiana RN, BScN, MSN, PhD (in progress) tlittle@tru.ca
Nagra, Bhupinder (Pinder) RN, BScN, MSN bnagra@tru.ca
Pickering, Mary NP, MScN-FNP, ACSM-CEP  mpickering@tru.ca
Plested, Shushma (OLFM) BScN, MN splested@tru.ca
Turnbull-Spence, Cathy
Student Advisor - Sem 1-5, Practice Placement Coordinator
RN, BScN, MHSA cspence@tru.ca
Health Care Assistant Continuing Sessional Faculty
Morice, Angela RN, BScN amorice@tru.ca
Nordick, Lanette RN, BScN lnordick@tru.ca
Williams Lake
Bentham, Donna  RN, MSc dbentham@tru.ca
Grinstead Mason, Jennifer                                                                     (LTC) Practice Lead BScN, MN jemason@tru.ca
Lachapelle, Sandra RN, BSN, MSN slachapelle@tru.ca
McCreight, Rhonda RN, BScN, MN rmccreight@tru.ca
TRU - Open Learning (Nursing Program)
Jones, Joanne
Program and Course Lead for OL
BScN, MSN jjones@tru.ca 
Adjunct Professor
Urban, Ann-Marie
Ann Marie Urban

Dr. Ann-Marie Urban is an Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing, at the University of Regina, in Regina, Saskatchewan. Dr. Urban began her nursing career in 1984 as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. After working in the area of mental health for several years, she obtained a degree in nursing and assumed the role of clinical nurse educator on this medical unit. In 2000 Dr. Urban transitioned to nursing education, teaching in the baccalaureate program. Since 2011, she has been on faculty at the University of Regina, Faculty of Nursing completing her doctoral studies in 2012. Dr. Urban teaches in both the undergraduate and graduate program; both online and classroom.

Dr. Urban’s doctoral work has focused on understanding what influences nurses’ work in an acute care setting. As an institutional ethnographer and post structural theorist, Dr. Urban seeks to understand ideologies and discourses related to nurses’ work, exploring how stress and resilience contribute to and/or influence nurses. As such, her work has provided a critical understanding of gender and power related to nursing. Her other interests include health and well-being; she has presented extensively on body, mind and spiritual self-care, teaches yoga and has volunteered as a fitness instructor at the YMCA for over 20 years.

RPN, RN, PhD ann-marie.urban@uregina.ca
Clark, Nancy  RN, PhD  nancyclark@uvic.ca
Professor Emerita
Duncan, Susan    BScN, MSN, PhD sduncan@tru.ca
Powers, Penny RN, BA, MSN, PhD ppowers@tru.ca
Zawaduk, Cheryl BSN, MSc, EdD zawaduk@tru.ca
Educator Emerita
Daines, Donna RN, BScN, MEd, EdD ddaines@tru.ca
Heaslip, Penny RN, BScN, MEd pheaslip@tru.ca
Lyall, Cheryl RN, BScN clyall@tru.ca
Wells, Diane RN, BScN dwells@tru.ca