Student Testimonials

Shannon Hiebert
"The program was a blast! The instructors were amazing and it was a great experience."

Nicole Crosman
"Taking the HCA course changed the direction in my life, opening lots of doors."

Paula Gelbanks
"It was very fun and rewarding experience. The standards that were set for us to follow were very high and professional. Awesome experience."

Lalania McCabe
"I love my job it is a very rewarding career."

Deborah Ridge
"Life changing experience for me. The compassion and knowledgeable staff to support my dreams of working in this area. The rewarding work I obtained afterward - I highly recommend this course."

Helen Steele
"It was fabulous. I loved the program. I am so glad there were some courses available in Kamloops when I decided to improve my life."

Laura Hirtz
"The six-month program provided me with a well-rounded knowledge base on working in this area of health care. The program was fun and I felt well prepared to enter the work force when I finished. The...enthusiasm and support of the instructors... made our days in and out of the classroom exciting, easy to learn...and very educational. By bringing their experience and expertise into the classroom I was never left with unanswered questions or unresolved problems. After graduating, I quickly entered the workforce as both a home support worker and a full-time care aid.... I competed with over 500 applicants... to become one of 47 individuals hired. My schooling at TRU provided me with a variety of enriching experiences in the community.... I felt confident in what I had learned and in the knowledge I gained and it showed in my interview. The HCA program at TRU is an excellent program and I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to work in health care."