Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate courses 1000-4000 level

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a full time academic program. Use tuition and fees for detailed information about the costs you can expect, including a breakdown of cost per credit, TRU fees and student union fees. There is an additional fee for materials for courses shown with (L) indicating a lab, which is not included in the cost per credit. (This is approximate and subject to change.)

See also the handy cost estimator to help you calculate your total costs for the school year, including accomodations and transportation.

Nursing students are advised to budget for the following additional costs:
  • Books, manuals, etc., approx. $1,000 per year
  • Criminal record check - $28 (once only in the first year of the program)
  • CPR - C Certificate fee with re-certification every two years as arranged by student (costs vary)
  • WHIMIS certificate fee, as arranged by student (costs vary)
  • Mask fitting - approx. $30 each year of the program
  • Stethoscope - approx. $100
  • Blood pressure cuff - approx. $100
  • Pen light - approx. $40
  • Uniforms - approx. $200
  • White WCB approved footwear - approx. $75 - 200
  • Room and board, as arranged by the student (costs vary)
  • Travel expenses, as arranged by the student
    (Out of town travel and accommodation will be necessary for practice experiences.)
  • Canadian registered nurse examination fee - approx. $500 (subject to change)
    (At time of graduation.)
  • Graduation activities, as arranged by the student
  • Graduation pin (as preferred by student) - approx. $150
  • Nursing Undergrad Society annual fees - approx. $25 per year