High Fidelity Simulators

Learn more about the High Fidelity Simulators available at the Simulation Centre.

Simulator Quantity Fidelity Type
Ares 1 Medium Adult
Apollo 1 High Adult
Athena 2 High Adult
Juno 2 Medium Adult
Hal 3201 1 High Adult
Hal S1000 1 High Adult
Pediatric Hal 2 High Pediatric
Super Chloe 6 Low Adult
Super Tory 2 High Infant
Susie S2000 2 Medium Adult
Susie S1001 1 Medium Adult
Victoria 1 High Maternity and Newborn
Victoria's baby 1 High Maternity and Newborn
Physiko 2 Medium Adult
Nursing Anne 4 Medium Adult
SimMan Essential 4 Medium Adult
SimMan 3G 1 High Older Adult
Pete 1 Low Older Adult
Vivien 1 Low Older Adult
Rose 1 Low Older Adult
Alex 'The Smart
Simulator' 3 Medium Adult
Baby 4 Low Infant

Task Trainers



Support Equipmentr Type Quantity
Crash Cart (no 12 lead) Cart 2
Isolation Carts (infection control) Cart 6
Life Pak 12 lead with crash cart and code simulator Defibrillator 4
Contour Next Glucometer Glucometer 10
Glucometer Glucometer 6
Life Self Standing ceiling Lift 3
Lift Sit to Stand Invacare Lift 1
Lift Sit to Stand Sabrina II Adult 2
Lift Sit to Stand SARA Lift 1
Lift Ceiling Angle 7154 (Room 145) Lift 1
Lift Ceiling Handicare A6343 (Room 145) Lift 1
Lift Ceiling Handicare 6338 (Room 145) Lift 1
Lift Ceiling Angle 2263 (Room 145) Lift 1
Lift Hoyer Style Lift 1
Sara Steady Lift 1
Isimulate Cardiac Monitor and AED Monitor 1
Feeding Pump Compat Pump 2
Feeding Pump Enteralite Pump 3
IV Pump Pump 23
Ventriloscope Scope 3
Covidien Thermometer Thermometer 3
Welch Allyn Thermometer Thermometer 5
Vitals tree Vitals 12