Update for Newly Admitted Students (Fall 2021)

Please note that effective Fall 2021 the MN fee structure for newly admitted students (admitted in Fall 2021) will change from a program fee to a per credit fee. All previously admitted students (students who commenced the program under the program fee structure) will remain in that structure until their program is completed. The overall fee for the entire 33 credit program is unchanged. Prior to admission, domestic students are required to declare their intent to study full time (FT) or part time (PT) with an option to change their declared status depending on circumstances. Domestic students are required to register in at least one 3 credit course each semester (fall, winter, and summer) unless they are on authorized leave of absence. International students must maintain FT status (6 credits per semester) every semester - fall, winter, and summer. All students have up to 5 years to complete the program. If you have any questions please contact, Sheri Ressler at

Information for Ongoing Students

The Master of Nursing (MN) Program will continue to bill students admitted prior to Fall 2021 by program fee, not by course credits. Upon acceptance into the MN program students stated their intent for full time or part time status. A full time student will be charged program fees over 6 semesters, which means fall, winter, and summer for two years. A part time student will be charged program fees over 9 semesters, which means fall, winter, and summer for three years.

Payment of fees is essential to remain in good standing in the program. All graduate students must register for a Thompson Rivers University (TRU) graduate course or courses in each of the following three semesters: fall, winter, and summer, unless they have an approved leave of absence (LOA).

Students who register via the Western Deans’ Agreement in a course at another university for one semester must also register in a TRU course during the same semester. Students may choose to register in a TRU “shell” course (NURS 6600 for Major Project or NURS 6700 for Major Paper or NURS 6800 for thesis) rather than a TRU extant course. A “shell” course is for zero credits. To register, please email after consulting with your supervisor.

After all fees are paid (6 consecutive payments for full time graduate students and 9 consecutive payments for part time graduate students), students may extend their program. Students who extend their program must pay extension fees for each subsequent semester.

Tuition is in Canadian dollars. Please note, tuition does not include ancillary fees or the cost of textbooks. All costs subject to board approval, and to change without notice.