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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Planning Process

Stantec's team of campus planners were assisted by a broadly based Campus Plan Advisory Committee. The planning process comprised four stages and provided extensive opportunities for input from internal and external communities. The project started in November 2002 and was completed about six months later in early June. The Campus Plan 2003 was brought before the university's Board of Governors for review and approval at its June meeting.

The plan itself comprises four sections (click here for a summary):

  • Working Paper #1: Project Charter

    This first part of the project essentially laid out the purpose of the planning process, delineated the constraints under which the project was operating, and identified the goals, objectives and critical success factors associated with the project.

  • Working Paper #2: Project Parameters

    This working paper takes the form of an environmental scan which looks at the current and projected social, governmental, and economic environments in which the institution will be operating.

  • Working Paper #3: Role and Needs Survey

    This section addresses such issues as: campus demographics; vehicle circulation; pedestrian access, circulation, and open space on campus; landscape development guidelines; functionality of existing facilities; and future facilities requirements. It identifies the critical guidelines for the development of the campus plan and puts forward two alternative campus development strategies.

  • Working Paper #4: The Campus Plan

    Working Paper #4 represents the campus plan itself. In comparison with the 1991 campus plan, the new plan calls for more concentrated development in the campus core, increased building height and a staged growth to a student population of 16,000.

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