Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Executive Committee

Terms of Reference

I.  Mandate

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for organizing and coordinating the business of the Association of Professional Administrators, and for representing the interests of the APA to the TRU Executive, the Board, and the public.

II. Membership

As set out in Article VI of the UCC APA Constitution;

  • The Officers of the APA shall constitute the Executive  Committee.
  • Membership on the Executive Committee shall coincide with each Officer’s term.
  • The President of the APA shall chair the Executive Committee.

III. Meetings

  • Meetings of the Executive Committee shall occur at least once a month, but may be convened more frequently as required.
  • A quorum shall be a majority of members.
  • Members may participate in meetings by teleconference or other communication device.

IV. Minutes and Other Records

  • Minutes of Executive Committee meetings will be maintained by the Secretary, and distributed to the remaining committee members no later than ten working days after each meeting.
  • Each committee member will retain a file or binder with  minutes and other relevant documents pertaining to  Executive Committee business, and will pass this file or  binder on to his or her elected replacement.

V. Confidentiality

Each Executive Committee member shall respect the confidentiality of matters discussed at any committee meeting.