Legal Services

The General Counsel and lawyers working with the Office of the General Counsel represent the University. When these lawyers interact with faculty or staff on legal matters, it is important that the faculty and staff understand that these lawyers owe their allegiance to the institution. The duty of confidentiality is a duty owed to the institution and not to any individual. If at any time a conflict of interest arises between the institution and an employee, the lawyers working with the Office of the General Counsel will represent the institution.

If someone asks you to accept legal papers on behalf of Thompson Rivers University, you should refuse to accept the papers. Direct the person to the Office of the General Counsel, in the Clocktower or call 250-828-5003.

Contract Review

Under the University's Signing Authority Policy, prior to signing, all contracts being entered into by the University require legal review as follows:

(i) All contracts with a value of $30,000.00 or more;
(ii) Any contract other than the standard form contract approved by General Counsel and which involves a value over $5,000.00 or which is complex, has significant ramifications, or is unusual in any way must be referred to General Counsel (see The Signing Authority Policy I (C )(1)) and;

(iii)Any document which contains a guarantee or indemnity must be reviewed by General Counsel, or the Vice-President, Administration and Finance, prior to such a document being signed. 

The Contract Review Request Form and Standard Form Contracts are located on under the site called Legal Templates.

Once the Contract Review has been approved by Legal with/without risk, the Recommendation to Sign Proposed Contract must be completed Recommendation to Sign Proposed Contract and attached to the Contract Review Request Form and submitted to the appropriate signing delegate.

Legal Help Desk

Requests for legal services (including requests for contract reviews) should be submitted electronically to Legal Help Desk at Once a request has been submitted, the requester will be automatically sent an e-mail confirming that the request has been received; this automatic reply will also provide the requester a Ticket Number that allows the requester to track the status of their request.

NOTE:  You must be on campus or connected to the VPN to access the Legal Help Desk. 

Contract Database

The Office of the General Counsel maintains a central repository of major contracts entered into by the University. A staff member wishing to request a copy of a contract should contact General Counsel at

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