Contracts Database

Forms of Contracts

The General Counsel's office posts approved contract templates and waivers on under "Legal Templates". Members of the University community should use these forms, when appropriate, in developing contracts or waivers.

Signed Contracts

The office of the General Counsel maintains a confidential repository of major contracts entered into by the University.

Members of the University community who wish to request to see a contract should contact the Assistant to General Counsel by email

The rules governing authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University are set out in the University's Signing Authority Policy (BRD 2-1): The Signing Authority Policy I (C )(1)).

When a contract (other than a standard form PSA or ESA) has been signed, one copy  must be sent to the Office of General Counsel by email to for inclusion in the repository.  As per the Records Retention Policy and Schedule, a working copy should be retained by the creating department as required for contract renewals etcetera. Records can be stored in electronic format. 

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