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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Archival Records

Archival Records are records “retained by the University library for historic purposes.”

The TRU Archive, under the auspices of the University Library, is the official repository of Thompson Rivers University’s corporate records of permanent value created or received by University officers or employees in the course of their duties on behalf of the institution. 

Implementing the TRU Records Retention/Destruction Policy for Archival Records

The University Library is in the planning stages to create the University Archive and is not currently in a position to accept TRU Archival Records.

To assist the University community with the implementation of Admin 02-3, Records Retention/Destruction Policy the TRU Library’s asks departments to collect and store Records to be allocated to the TRU Archive at a future date as follows:

  • Only documents required to be kept on a permanent basis as outlined in the current records retention schedule.
  • Physical Records should be stored in acid free ‘bankers boxes. Please include, in each box, a completed Record Transmittal Form providing as much relevant detail as to the content of each post.  Multiple transmittal forms can be placed in a single box containing multiple types of records and should be placed at the beginning of each discreet “set of records”. Transmittal forms will include information such as department, office, subject, date range, etc., either by box or by individual folder,
  • Electronic records should be stored in PDF format and files should be catalogued to include: department, office, subject, date range, etc.

Once the TRU Archive is set-up, the University Community will be notified about the process to transfer Archival Records to the Library.

NOTE:  The TRU Archive is NOT a Special Collection.  Special Collections are typically subject focused collections of resources and artifacts of historical and research importance.  Most Special Collections are created based on a desire to build a unique collection and have very strict collection development rules created to ensure a focused collection.  Special Collections are often developed based on research strengths of an institution.  

Once the TRU Archive is in place and operationally sound, further development of Special Collections will be explored.  The same rules for storing content applies to Special Collection items as Archival content
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