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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Freedom of Information (FOI)

How to Make an Access to Information Application (FOI Request):
  1. All formal requests for access to information (FOI) made under the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act   must be submitted in writing. This may include letters, faxes and emails, or you may use TRU's Access to Information Form to submit your request.

  2. The FOI application must be for access to records (recorded information). For example, “I request copies of any reports submitted to the Board of Governors relating to the renovation of the library building”. This is a valid FOI request because it is a request for records. However, “Why did TRU renovate the library?” is not a valid FOI request because it is not a request for records.

  3. FOI applications must provide sufficient detail to enable an experienced employee of TRU, with a reasonable effort, to identify the records sought.  Be specific - know what you need, why you need it and only ask for what you actually need.  Provide a time frame and if possible, identify where (which departments) the records you are seeking might be located. This will reduce time and fees (if applicable) in responding to your applcation.

  4. Please keep in mind that any missing information may require requests for clarification, which will delay the processing of your request.

  5. Fees may be applicable as permitted under Section 75 the FIPPA.

    Requests for access to information should include the following contact information for the applicant/requester:

    • current legal name
    • address
    • day-time telephone number
    • e-mail address

FOI requests can be submitted as follows:
Fax: (250) 828-5394
Post: Privacy Office
Thompson Rivers University
805 TRU Way
Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8

NOTE: All requests for personal information made by a third party must include a completed TRU Consent to Release Personal Information Form. TRU does not accept form letter consent forms from third parties.

Access to Information (FOI) Process
1 Access to Information Application is received by TRU. Request for access to information is sent to the Privacy and Access Office when the request is not for Routinely Available Student Information. Program Areas
2 Validate Requests Review FOI application, seek clarification from applicant (if required), confirm and acknowledge valid FOI application. Privacy and Access Office
3 Open Access to Information File Establish timeline (including due dates), provide fee estimate to applicant when permitted, determine primary location of records, ask applicable program areas/staff members to search for records. Privacy and Access Office
4 Collecting Records Gather and print out (single sided) records, sort by date (ascending order), provide records to the Privacy and Access Office. Program Areas
5 File Management Collate collected records from program areas, prepare records for release, consult with General Counsel as required, send out release package to applicant and close file. Privacy and Access Office
Read TRU's current Privacy Statement
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