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Recommendations for Using Homework Sites

(Assumes the site stores personal information of users outside Canada)

Optional homework site participation

Advise students that using the homework site is optional. Add if applicable that the site requires registration and any personal information required for registration and site use will be stored outside Canada.  Recommend that students review the site’s privacy policy.

Mandatory homework site participation

The first step is to complete the Preliminary Privacy Impact Assessment (PPIA) and send it to Completing this form gives a high-level assessment about the personal information required to use the site. The form takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

For mandatory homework sites students should be advised that the site requires registration, that their personal information will be collected and stored outside Canada, and TRU recommends they review the site’s privacy policy. It is also advisable to include this information in the course calendar and course outline.

In most cases there are two options that can be used to be FIPPA compliant. (When completing the PPIA include information on which option you are considering.)

  1. Students be permitted to anonymize themselves by using a pseudonym to register and use the site. This includes using an email address the is also anonymous for the student.
  2. Ask students to complete the Student Consent for Online Activities form.

The following information may assist in completing the form columns:

  • Information – Include any personal information needed to set up the account, credit card information if paying through the site, as well as “interactions with the site”.
  • To Whom – Name of the company the student is registering with (for example Pearson Publishing).
  • Purpose – Include information that describes the reason the student is registering with the site (for example, to access homework materials).

Questions can be directed to the Privacy and Access office at

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