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How to Apply


Inform yourself

Attend one of our information sessions, held throughout the academic year.

Info session schedule


Search Programs

Find a university that offers the courses you need.

Search Programs


Make choices

Rank your top three picks in either ISEP or Bilateral (not a combination of both).

Plan a meeting with a Program Advisor. Save electives to increase course choices.


Think about money

Make a financial plan for your studies.

Paying for Study Abroad


Talk to us

Interview with TRU Study Abroad. Registered into Horizons Online application.

Seek help by attending a SASS (Study Abroad Support Session).

Contact us



Before you submit the application, attend a SASS to review.

Click Submit.

2018 Application Deadlines

 Winter 2018Summer & Fall 2018 
ISEP July 14, 2017 Feb. 2, 2018         
(First priority)
Oct. 6, 2017 Feb. 23, 2018 
 Oct. 27, 2017 Mar. 16, 2018



TRU Study Abroad, uses a portal online application system called Horizons. To access an application for exchange, field school and/or TRU Off-Campus activity, logging in for the first time, or completing an important step, click here to access the Horizons system.

Bilateral Exchange

Please complete all documents in Bilateral application.

  1. Students will be registered into the Horizons system during the interview
  2. Access online application here
  3. Course Request List Form - must be signed by TRU Program Advisor
  4. Academic References - completed by references
ISEP Exchange

When selecting an ISEP Program to study abroad, there are two important details: 

  1. Complete the ISEP online application FIRST.   ISEP Online Application
  2. Next, complete the Horizons online application by selecting the ISEP Program. Manually type the school and country for your first, second and third choice.
  3. Course Request List Form - must be signed by TRU Program Advisor (one form for each Host school applying to)
  4. TRU Study Abroad Waivers - to be uploaded to "Additional Documents"
  5. Academic References - completed by references
  6. ISEP Online Application Manual and Tips for Students reference


Apply Now

Need Help?

Drop in at a SASS (Study Abroad Support Session)

Get help from peers who have been in your shoes!  If you have 1 question or 45, bring your lunch and get answers!

  • Support for ISEP and Bilateral applications
  • Bring your application
  • Sessions are casual
  • Drop in when you can
  • BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch!)
  • Check out our Events Calendar for dates
Attend an Info Session

Sessions are informative and informal. There is no need to bring anything and a Q & A period is included.

Please note: attending an Info Session is necessary for a successful Study Abroad application.