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Electrician, Construction

Construction electricians work in a wide variety of buildings and facilities — on everything from lighting and climate control systems, to communication equipment and thousands of other specific tools and devices. A construction electrician's work involves assembling, installing, commissioning, testing, maintaining, servicing and operating electrical systems and equipment. Construction electricians need a good understanding of the many applications of electricity, and must ensure that building codes and other safety requirements are followed.


This course is designed to prepare people for employment in the electrical or related trades.

Course content

This course covers care and use of hand tools and electrical meters; installation and maintenance of electrical equipment; electrical theory and calculations; and the Canadian Electrical Code. Students engage in extensive practical exercises to develop their job readiness skills, such as motor control, cable tray, conduit and residential wiring.

Course length: 24 weeks
Education requirements
General requirements
  • Students are required to supply their own approved safety glasses and boots


This training is offered to indentured industrial electrical apprentices. Apprentices are required to attend technical training that consists of 10 weeks per year over a four-year period. This apprenticeship program requires that apprentices complete a set of core knowledge competency standards of technical training and a complete set of core workplace standards for each level (year) of the apprenticeship. The apprentice will have to provide evidence to a certified assessor to prove competence for the core workplace competency standards. The completion of competency standards will be tracked by the use of a logbook provided for the apprentice and maintained by the apprentice for all four levels of the apprenticeship.

All apprenticeships have a waitlist. Adding your name is free, and you will be contacted when your name comes up.


Electrical apprentices must pay tuition and purchase the appropriate government published texts and required TRU lab manuals and worksheet packages. Students must have a current edition of the Canadian Electrical Code book.

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