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Automotive Service Technician

Automotive service technicians examine, test and repair the parts and systems on cars and light trucks. They often use computerized diagnostic equipment to test, adjust and repair key vehicle components such as engines, steering systems, braking systems, drive trains, vehicle suspensions and electrical systems. The work of an automotive service technician also involves reassembling and testing repaired items against manufacturers' standards, as well as performing preventative maintenance such as wheel alignments, oil changes and tune-ups.


Gain the skills you need to become an apprentice mechanic even if you have little or no experience in the automotive field. You receive first-year credit for apprenticeship technical training after completing the program.

Course content

General shop practice, automotive fundamentals, engines, basic test equipment, electrical systems, running gear, clutches, transmissions, rear axles, steering systems and braking systems, applied mathematics and safety education will be covered.


We place strong emphasis on practical training with numerous hands-on projects. You will develop enough skills to be hired on as a productive employee — reducing the need for employers to invest more resources into training.

Course length: 25 weeks
Education requirements
  • Completion of Grade 10 with Grade 10 Math and English (Grade 12 with Grade 11 Math, Physics and English recommended)
  • Acceptable score on Entry Assessment Test
General requirements
  • Good health
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Must have safety boots and glasses
  • Must supply and launder your own coveralls
  • Must purchase welding gloves and welding hat


All apprenticeships have a waitlist. Adding your name is free, and you will be contacted when your name comes up.

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